Innovation and tradition

ITALPROSCIUTTI - a company deals of producing and marketing cooked ham, combining time-honoured processing methods with cutting-edge manufacturing based on the latest production and distribution criteria. The cooked hams are made only from the very best legs of pork sourced from Italy and abroad, seasoned according to the recipes and cooking steps dictated by tradition and, when sliced, are tender, fragrant, pink and have a sweet, subtle flavour.

Quality and control

Marked with the EC identification number IT 9 1666L, Quality at ITALPROSCIUTTI is a keyword: a goal to be pursued at every stage of the product's processing and marketing. Over the years, its meaning has taken on more and more importance, morphing into certain precise objectives. The HACCP self-inspection system implemented for the production of cooked ham ensures that the product meets high health and hygiene standards.

Our customers

ITALPROSCIUTTI's target market is extensive, ranging from supermarkets and chains to small- and medium-sized stores, while consistently delivering the best product with the best service. From the swift handling of orders to accurate and prompt delivery using either the company's own means or the services of qualified forwarding agents.